Delta Group is a company that specializes in the disposal of junk and waste. We have a blog section for our customers where we provide information on the types of waste that are accepted, prices, and services. We use this blog section to provide information on our services and how much it will cost. Our company emerged from a need. We quickly realized that our customers were having a hard time finding information on the types of waste that we would accept and what prices we would charge. So, in response, we created this blog section where you can find all the information you need about our services and prices.

This blog section not only provides information on our services, but it also provides information on how to properly dispose of waste.  There are three types of waste that our company accepts. The first is common household trash. This includes paper, food scraps and general garbage. The second type is hazardous waste – this includes anything from chemicals to refrigerants and pesticides. The third type is construction and demolition materials – this involves such items as bricks, rocks and concrete.  The first step to disposing of waste is to contact the company that handles your garbage. The last step is to dispose of it in accordance with the law.

Delta Group is a junk removal company that provides dumpster rental services and junk removal services. We have a blog section that includes articles with tips on how to get rid of your junk. We also provide pictures of our trucks and workers which you can use as reference. We want to provide you with helpful articles on how to properly dispose of your old items.

Junk & Dumpsters

Junk & Dumpsters It’s no secret that the Lower Mainland is sorely lacking in options when it comes to waste disposal. Outside of a few small-scale private recycling operations, the vast majority of our garbage goes into one of two places – the landfill or the dumpster. And while the dumpster might seem like the …

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